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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install dispenser?

All starter kits include a wall mount. The wall mount consists of a metal holder and a sticky mount. Take the plastic cover off the sticky mount and place it to your desired spot. Take off the dispenser top, add the metal holder to bottle, screw back on top. Lastly, place metal holder onto the sticky mount and it's done! ?If you do not want to use wall mount then you can place dispensers anywhere you desire for easy access. 

How many times should I dispense foam?

Depends if you are using the short or long foaming mode. If you are using short foaming mode we recommend dispensing 1 or two times for one wipe. If you are using long foaming mode we recommend dispensing 1 time for one wipe. For diaper changes, use the long foaming mode.  This is a personal preference, so if you like more moisture, dispense away!

Does the toilet paper tear while wiping?

Not at all! Tushé cleansing foam is specifically made to not tear when wiping. Our dispensers create the perfect amount of dense foam that will not tear the toilet paper. Our foam sits on top of the toilet paper so when wiping it will glide smoothly across your skin. We recommend folding the toilet paper or scrunching it when wiping. 

Is Tushé safe for my toilet, plumbing system, and/or septic tank?

Yes!  Tushé is made with pure and natural ingredients similar to beauty products.  Toilet paper is natural and biodegradable compared to wet wipes which are made of plastic and will damage plumbing systems. We recommend only using toilet paper if you want to flush. If you are using Tushé with dry wipes or paper towels for diaper changes, we do recommend discarding it in the trash (as with non-flushable baby wipes).

I’ve read that some essential oils are safe to ingest. Since Tushé contains essential oils, is it safe to ingest?

No. Tushé is for external use only and should not be ingested or used internally.

Will Tushé ingredients irritate skin?

Tushé was specially-formulated for the most sensitive skin. Our ingredients are pure and natural which will not irritate the skin.  However, everyone has different skin, and some skin is extra sensitive.  If you have extra sensitive skin, or if you have known allergies, please test a small amount of product on a small area of skin before use.  If you develop an allergic reaction or any irritation, please stop use immediately and contact a physician.

Can I use Tushé on my pet?  Has Pristine been tested on animals? 

We avoid animal testing period. We cannot say whether Tushé is safe for use on animals, and we don't recommend that you test it. Many animals cleanse themselves by licking their fur, so they could ultimately ingest the ingredients.

Why is Tushé the best alternative to wet wipes available?

Tushé includes high-quality ingredients and has a similar "cost per wipe" as many brands of wet wipes.  Since Tushé is used in such a sensitive area, we made sure to select the best ingredients - non-irritating cleansing agents, natural oils and soothing ingredients, and no cheap filler materials. Tushé is one of the few wiping options on the market that uses a naturally-derived preservative system. Most wet wipes and wet wipe alternatives use synthetic preservatives, some of which are known irritants. 

Tushé is high quality ingredients go a very long way.  The 8oz bottle is equivalent to about 500 wet wipes worth of product.  It will typically last about 1-2 months, depending on how many people are using it. 

As we grow as a company, we will continue to pass on cost savings to our Tushé users as we have done in the past.  Our primary goal is to start a bathroom hygiene revolution - one in which the butt is finally given the respect that it deserves. And providing high quality, reasonably priced cleansing option is paramount to this goal.