Our Solution for Poo-llution

In 2020, we had this crazy idea to revolutionize wet wipes by combining foam with toilet paper to create a biodegradable alternative. Our Kickstarter campaign took off, and the global community embraced our mission. With overwhelming support, we reached our funding goal within days, and Tushé was born!

Our mission is simple: offer an exceptional wet wipe alternative that is both gentle on your skin and environmentally friendly.

Since launching, we've saved over 2.5 million wet wipes from polluting our oceans and landfills. But this is about more than just wet wipes; it's about coming together for a cleaner, greener future. With your ongoing support, we'll continue innovating and striving for a more sustainable world.

Thank you for being part of the Tushé family and joining us on this incredible journey.


The Wet Wipe Problem

Wet wipes wreak havoc in our sewers, landfills, and oceans, leaving a lasting mess for generations to come.

Our Contribution

Since 2020, our products have made a profound impact, preventing over 2 million single-use wet wipes from entering landfills and oceans.


Wipes saved last year


All time wipes saved